Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) School Assembly Presentation

In April I had a call from the head of my children’s primary school to ask if my two youngest children (who attend the school) would like to present a whole school assembly about the medical conditions that are in our family. It would be completely up to us what we said, how we said it and the individual topics that we chose to cover. The head thought that it would be a lovely idea to share their experiences, if they felt happy with that.

I said I would ask them both and get back to them.

I think being an advocate for invisible illness must run in the blood because they could have bitten my hand off when I asked them and they immediately got to work making a power point presentation. We had a chat and decided to just cover EDS. Talking about EDS and CMT in one go to adults can be a bit mind-blowing let alone to children and with EDS Awareness month fast approaching it seemed the obvious choice. Perhaps they would have the opportunity to talk about CMT at a later date.

The assembly covers;

  • Being Bendy
  • Hypermobility, hEDS and HSD
  • The multi systemic nature of hypermobility
  • We are all different
  • The spectrum of hypermobility
  • The story of ‘The Princess And The Pea’
  • Provisions that help
  • Why the zebra?
  • Prayer
  • Hymn “If I were a butterfly’

On the day (well they actually did it twice, to the infants and the juniors) they presented beautifully. Spoke clearly, acted brilliantly and raised loads of awareness amongst the children, staff and governing body.

I’m very proud of their first foray into advocacy.


What do you think?

They would love to hear your comments, if you have a message please post it below, it would make them very happy kids 🙂


Written by Sarah Wells

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